Could you walk in my shoes?

Jan 28, 2018

To some, I am just a blonde girl wandering around living the good life. To teachers and classmates, I have been a student-athletic hero winning games, appearing on billboards while also graduating with summa cum laude honors. And to current teammates, I am hoping I am this young professional willing to work hard to translate learnings into innovative solutions.


Have you ever wondered how it feels to be put into these different types of shoes at the same time? Could you walk in them? [...] FULL ARTICLE

Christmas Glam

Dec 20, 2017

5 days to go until Christmas Eve. And I am already completely restless. What about you? I am for sure a real Christmas lover! Most likely due to living hundreds of kilometers away from family & friends since I have been 18 years old, I found Christmas to really be the best time of the year. For me, it stands for upcoming reunions, pure joy and spending time with your beloved ones at home. When do you have all of that in just one week throughout the rest of the year? So, there could not be a better fit this time around than writing a first topic post on GLAM while heading towards Christmas, right?!


Every year, I pack my suitcase while listening to the most renowned Christmas songs days before my actual departure to my parents’ house. And also every year, I try harder and harder to not exceed my baggage allowance. Dear airlines, at least for Christmas you could allow 5 kilos more! (You’ve guessed right), I usually pack way too many

things. Most boutiques and department stores show off their floors with the most glamorous dresses, sexy suits and beautiful gift ideas. If you ever have the chance to travel to Manhattan during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you just have to stop by at Macy's. Their window decorations are so christmassy impressive!


For many, however, this time is less reflective but more hectic than ever before. Work requires highest levels of concentration, various Christmas parties consume time and houses have to be cleaned and prepared for the holidays - this list can certainly go on. With all that, how can you then find the right gifts? Are you perhaps still in need of nice last-minute ideas? Well, you’ve got lucky that my website went live this week.


To provide you with some inspirations, here are a few things that I will pack and simply love having:

An important note here is that Christmas is really not about the sum of certain gifts. My family, for example, keeps exchanging gifts fairly small amongst adults and the ‘Christkind’ will bring most to the children around. The one Christmas message is hard to find and you can draw different conclusions depending on your values and religion. Since I am Catholic, I perceive Christmas as giving you the chance to make a new personal start and to face all kinds of challenges with determination, courage and confidence.


With this in mind, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!