Glam · 28. January 2018
To some who don’t know me, I am a blonde girl wandering around living the good life. To former teachers and classmates, I have always been an athletic hero winning games, appearing on billboards while also graduating with honors. To current teammates, I am hoping that I am this young professional willing to work hard to translate challenges into innovative solutions off-court. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be put into these three different types of shoes at the same time?
Sports · 25. January 2018
Many times, I hear younger generations say “Oh, you went to play and study in the US on a scholarship, so everything was free for you? I also want to do that!” Well, only about two percent of all high school athletes are awarded some form of an athletic scholarship. Why is that?
Sports · 15. January 2018
Do you know how it feels to push harder while others spend their time at the beach? ‘Cause I know – I have experienced it first-hand. I spent Freshman year at CSU Long Beach where you basically live by the beach...
Mind · 11. January 2018
With everything going on, these past weeks have had me evaluating how I want to approach the new year – with my community, workplace, environment and so on. Owning It is my credo for 2018.
Mind · 10. January 2018
While thinking of that perfect story line that would be of interest to you, I kept asking myself how can I jump right into the excitements and struggles of ‘glamorously’ living abroad or writing about the life after an athletic career, when most of you probably have no idea of who I am. In order for you to understand my path, I would really have to start in the beginning of my thought processes. What exactly is it that I can tell you about myself and will want to share publicly about me?
Glam · 20. December 2017
5 days to go until Christmas Eve. And I am already completely restless. What about you? I am for sure a real Christmas lover! Most likely due to living hundreds of kilometers away from family & friends since I have been 18 years old, I found Christmas to really be the best time of the year. For me, it stands for upcoming reunions, pure joy and spending time with your beloved ones at home. When do you have all of that in just one week throughout the rest of the year? So, there could not be a...
About · 18. December 2017
Introducing a blog very special to me ...since I have been wanting to bring my experiences living a life inbetween sports and academics to paper for quite a while. Advancing in my career off-court, I have now decided to take the time and share my path and rituals that shaped who I am today in an online blog rather via paper in a book. I believe that almost everyone trying to keep a healthy balance between sports, work and private life will see overlaps here. It may interest some and bore the...